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Testimonials - Children & Parenting

 I was very worried about an upcoming math exam. Madhu made me hold my head and then said some words. When she asked me to remove my hands I felt so much better. I was not worried anymore. I was able to concentrate more easily. I did so well at the math exam that I was thrilled!

TM, Maryland

I was bullied a lot in school and that was traumatic. One of the perpetrators suddenly made a determined effort to trace me (27 years later!), called me up and apologized. He said the his friend who had also tormented me, felt the same way. This came right after I worked with you!

SS, India.

 I could really feel the energy and it was wonderful to take the grief I have been feeling for my kids over my divorce and go from a 7 to a 0 on the issue.

TT, Virginia

My son has always been a challenge and had a tough year but now he was ready to change schools and I was very nervous. He has always been exceptionally bright, but shies away from a lot of new situations he is not sure of. One of his biggest challenges has always been change and handling new situations. Now that he was changing schools, I was worried about how he would cope. He was also on long-term medication and I was concerned about how this would impact him over a period of time. He likes himself better when he is not on medication but realizes he needs them. When Madhu asked me to tap on various parts of my body while she said some words, words that seemed to know how I felt and what I was worried about, I went along to see what would happen. I really did not expect my worries about his future to melt into nothingness, but hoped that they would be more manageable. They were. What was even more surprising was that when my son moved to his new school, the attitude I had hoped for, was present, and the whole situation took on a new slogan for him of, ‘Yes, I can!’ The issues were no where close to what I was used to and expected. He has also started taking breaks from his medications and is learning how to handle himself. He is more in control and extremely aware of how he thinks and ‘why’. This has made a world of difference and he is not only happier but trying some new things and is open to others!!! What an accomplishment for him…I am so proud and amazed!!!! I don’t believe in coincidences….something worked!!!!

QD, District of Columbia

At a playgroup meeting, Madhu demonstrated Energetic Stress Relief. All three mothers choose individual issues to work on and Madhu said that they could be worked on simultaneously. I choose to work on the frustration I felt when I filled “homemaker” as the career on my tax form. Although it seemed like a small task, filling in that blank on the form forced me to face the reality that the life I had before had all but vanished. I used to have a successful and fulfilling career in a fast-paced, exciting industry which ended when I decided to stay at home with the children. I knew that the work that I was doing by staying at home to raise my children was invaluable and it was a decision that I would never regret. However, although my children were flourishing and my decision to be at home was right for our family, I still craved the lost part of "myself" and the joy it used to bring me. Madhu asked us to measure the intensity of our feelings from 0-10. She then said some words addressing many of the emotions that we were all feelings. While listening to her speak, she asked us to tap on various pressure points on our body. Within 15 minutes, all of us were down to 0 in the intensity of our emotions. The Mom’s faces were visibly “fresher”. The children, who like typical toddlers had been pulling, playing with toys and making lots of noise, stopped what they were doing and sat down calmly in their mother’s laps or next to them - without being asked to do so. The peace in the room was palpable.

SSY, Maryland

Around the time of the birth of my second son, I noticed my eldest child was throwing more tantrums and I was losing my temper more too. I was feeling upset with myself about this. I knew it must be hard for him with the new arrival but I was unable to stop my angry reactions. I felt like a bad Mon. Within 20 minutes with Madhu, I found that my stress level in this area was gone. The following week I noticed that instead of a knee-jerk reaction to my eldest child's cranky behavior, I was calm enough to talk to him rationally and actually calm him down. I I think Madhu's stress relief system is a wonderful system. I know I need to return and do some more sessions with her as one time was not enough!

TR, Teacher, Stay-at-home Mom, and Jeweler for Premier Designs, Maryland

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