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Private Sessions

We ...

Pinpoint & clear energy blockages

Help you understand yourself

Assist you understand others

Gain insight into relationship dynamics

Protect yourself energetically

Understand your spiritual path

Support next steps to move forward

Combining wisdom, support, self-help tools, guidance and clearings.These fast-paced individual appointments are ideal for deep, quick & focused work on confidential priority areas. Feel better. It is surprisingly easy! 

* Done over the phone unless alternative arrangements are made in advance

* At the appointed time, call 301-760-7491

* Use hands-free phone

* Call from a quiet & private space

* Drink water before/during/after call to help energy move

Why Personal Readings?

* Sense shifts in the session itself

* See the impact in your daily life

* Feel greater calmness

* Get clarity

* Learn handy tools

* Be empowered!

I couldn't get over the shift in thoughts and feelings around the issues from before/after the work. So much done in such a short period of time. Amazing.

MG, EMDR therapist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Maryland

Last night was very powerful, I feel very energized today. It's like switching the entire polarity of my life from negative to positive -- who says we have to love and grow from fear and suffering; it's so much better to learn and grow from love and joy!!!

TB, Researcher & Animal Communicator, Maryland

After the session, there is a sweetness of “feeling just fine” way down inside. Very nice.

Georgia Dow, Energy Healer, California

After my appointment with you I felt better than I have in a very long time!

Dr KP, Chiropractor, Maryland

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