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Testimonials - Family

We have had a rocky relationship with my brother-in-law for many years. He is a jerk! Finally, our families ceased talking to each other. Recently, when we had to attend a family wedding where he would be, I was very concerned. I anticipated many problems and hurt feelings. Knowing the way he behaves, I had Madhu do some work with me on this area. To my surprise, I was very relaxed at the wedding, I spoke to him and his family without any issues. It's like something shifted. I made efforts to be kind and social. Instead of it being grueling and painful, I really enjoyed the wedding. My brother-in-law continued to be a jerk, but it did not affect me and in fact relatives were commenting on how difficult he was, and appreciating how well I was handling it!

NK, Maryland

A very painful part of my life has been my father. My mother separated from him when I was 5. Meanwhile, though highly intelligent and talented, he essentially became homeless and was in and out of drugs and alcohol. He had been using my grandmother for support but now that she was stricken with Alzheimer's, he wanted to move into my house. My husband was not supportive of this and I myself was torn. I also have children who were going through various challenges and I was just going back to work after a few years as a homemaker. As she worked on me, I kept feeling my burdens lessening. At the end of 45 minutes my stress was 0 out of 10. I could barely believe that something that has been so big in my life, no longer was an issue for me. I was amazed at how I had shifted so gently without re-experiencing the pain. At home,I continued to feel a sense of peace and clarity. An interesting follow up was that two weeks later, it was Thanksgiving. My father called up and said that he was fine and that I need not be concerned about him. So not only had I shifted, somehow things had shifted things for him too. I am delighted!

TP, Maryland

When I got married and left my home country a few years ago, my parents started feeling lost and abandoned. Without my sister and me, they found life empty and meaningless. Needless to say, their words, actions and situation created a lot of worry and guilt for us. This resulted in us calling them daily. In addition my sibling and I traveled back and forth every few months to try to support them as they seemed to be incapable of doing it themselves.

My father had always been a hypochondriac and my mother had borne the brunt of it. However, my dynamic and hyper active mother who had always been a doer started showing symptoms of what looked like early Alzheimer’s or dementia. Things got worse and worse until after one trip, my sibling came back mentally exhausted and depressed. A month later, it would be my turn to go and I was dreading it. I knew I would have to take my mother to a neurologist and she would not go herself. Given the turmoil, I was considering joining a support group to help me walk through my emotions and learn how to deal with my parents’ suffering.

When I did a session with Madhu, my worries about my parents was an 8 out of 10. Given the situation, I did not really think it could come down. However, in less than an hour of the energetic work (which included tapping on various parts of my body), it was down to 3. Then, I did some of the tapping myself and by the end of the day, it was 0. 

But there was even more. Madhu had mentioned that sometimes when we shift energetically, the other party does too. Much to my surprise, when I spoke to my parents the next morning, my mother was considering a visit to the neurologist herself. Coming from them, this was definitely BIG. In my life, help has always come from unexpected quarters and the session with Madhu confirmed this once more.

GB, Maryland

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