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Testimonial - Marriage

I was having a terrible time, missing my ex. We had been together for 2 years and had parted ways around a year ago. After the session with Madhu, the difference was amazing. Earlier, just seeing that I had received an email from him would cause so much anguish that I would have to delete it without reading. Now, I could look at them and respond. It was no big deal.

MB, New York

I started working with Madhu a few years ago. At that time, I was really unhappy, and had been for years due to my husband's difficult behavior. When I started working with Madhu, she used her intuitive skills to help me discover my own inner strengths and talents. With each session, my confidence started increasing and even though my husband did not change, my own reactions starting changing. I started feeling lighter and happier. When I look at how Madhu worked with me, I find that she energetically tapped into subconscious beliefs which were inappropriate for my current situation and updated them to my current needs and challenges. As part of this process she cleared \unresourceful beliefs (which I did not even know I had until she pointed them out) and cleared those though tapping methods and reprogramming the subconscious. We then replaced them with qualities such as peace, courage, not taking things personally and more. I learned Reiki and additional Energetic Stress Relief methods from her so that I could do more and more myself. I still find that I need her assistance off and on but there is much that I'm able to do myself too. In such cases, I simply take pointers from her and work on them myself. The changes made during the sessions have been steadily manifesting in my daily life and my friends can see it too.

The biggest change has been my inner calm. For example, the other day when my husband threw a tantrum, I simply shut the door to my room, lay down and went calmly to sleep. I could not believe the change in myself.

PP, Maryland

My husband and I had drifted apart. I was very hurt by the demeaning way in which he treated me. I had tried every method I knew but it had not worked. I knew of Madhu’s methods but they seemed so “far out”. They defied my logical thinking. However, a few sessions changed my mind as the changes in myself and my perspectives were tangible. We initially worked energetically on my beliefs and worries and she taught me how to be aware of my feelings and work on them. After a while, she taught me a technique that could work on the larger energetics underpinning the issue. So I diligently worked daily on topics. At the end of a few weeks of this, to my surprise, my husband spoke to me about how his actions and words had not been appropriate. So we are still together and things are a lot better. I find I still feel anxious at times and old hurts surface. However, when I work with Madhu again, the anxiety settles. I am gaining confidence. I simply know that this work has created a miracle in my life, not just with my marriage but also with my self-confidence, self-love, self-respect and a lot more.

MC, Maryland

I had been struggling with my marriage with a lot of interference with my in-laws. My husband seemed to be tied to his mother (who I later learned had schizophrenia). My husband was also diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. In the midst of it all, my daughter was born and I felt really sorry that she had come into a world that is so unfair and full of suffering. I struggled through some jobs but everything was falling apart, including my relationship with my parents. I was angry - very angry. When the anger would calm down, I would feel depressed and helpless with no future. Any action that I took had tremendous down-sides which I could not accept. And since I had no income, I had no way to support myself independently. I was stuck and afraid. When I started working with Madhu, I realized that part of my “reality” was in my mind. It was simply the way I looked at and interpreted things. As I changed my perceptions, I could found greater peace within. With the tools that Madhu used and taught me, I could defuse things that were really “big” for me very rapidly. This was such a change from the way I would simply suppress the feelings and carry the burden with me all the time. Meanwhile, Madhu helped me release unresourceful energy patterns in many of my relationships, including my mother-in-law for whom I had intense resentment and anger. She called these “cords” i.e. ropes that keep us attached to old dramas and traumas. She would intuitively read the situation and that was a big help as it helped me understand my patterns as well as the patterns from the other side. As I cleared the energetic cords to various problematic relationships, I felt like I could breathe again. Simultaneously, I started becoming more self-aware using muscle testing (kinesiology) that helped me access beliefs that I simply did not know I had such as: - It is not good to be powerful - I feel guilty about being my own person - It is better to be a man rather than a woman. I realized that my conscious beliefs were a far cry from some of the beliefs that lay below the surface. I worked through those and found that each time, my world would change for the better. I was happier with myself and less affected by the things around me. We also worked energetically on strong emotions that were crippling me such as grief, loss and more. We also worked energetically on appreciating myself more and trusting myself. As I continued to use the tools on myself, my relationship with my husband, parents and child improved substantially. Coincidences started happening which helped release stress points. For example, even though I was not working, my husband suggested that my daughter should go to childcare. So now, my daughter’s high need for attention no longer wore me out. This also meant that I finally had some free time, which was my own. My parents, with whom my relationship was very strained, visited. At the end of that visit, I appreciated them so much more and they had substantially toned down their judgmental attitude towards me. I was finally getting some support. All in all, even when I was alone, I started feeling a lot better. When I would start getting depressed, I would be able to pinpoint the thoughts that were causing it and change them with the tools I had learnt. While I was not "perfect", I finally had ways within my control to change the way I felt. It was very freeing. It has been over a year since I started learning and using these energetic tools. When I compare myself to who I was a year ago and who I am now, the difference is simply remarkable.

QP, Maryland

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