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Testimonials - Strength & Perspectives

I can't really say that I understand what happened, or understand what you were doing, but I can say "I LOVED IT!" I feel great today.I was amazed at the difference the work made in such a short span of time.

MG, Maryland

Today's session was powerful and very useful. With your assistance, I have reconnected with the inner strength and sense of well being I had missing in my life for the four or five years. Thank you!

RC, Virginia

I took a nap after we worked and slept for a few hours -- it just seemed like the right thing to do and I feel good and peaceful. After I awoke I had a minute of feeling like, "Uh oh, now that I've let go of this huge part of my story, now I have to do something very different and I feel a bit lost." Then it came to me that I don't have to do anything different to not feel overwhelmed. I can just have the joy of a different perspective now! This is wonderful. I think my sadness has become a kind of anchor (pulling me down emotionally), forming a kind of foundation. So this works nicely for me to shift my foundation. Cool!

ATB, Maryland

During my first session, we started with a guided meditation and I found myself going deeper and deeper. Madhu verbally guided the meditation, focusing on various energy centers in the body. I could feel the shifts taking place. During the process a deep trauma over which I had much grief, was lifted. Later, she said some words and asked me to tap on specific parts of my body. I could feel becoming more peaceful. By the end, I felt so much better . The world looked clearer. In fact, I was glowing and kept glowing for quite a few days. I could feel great joy within myself. I came back to learn Reiki 1 & 2. A nice side effect was that I found myself looking at challenges with greater calmness. In fact, new perspectives opened up and I'm less critical about myself. I feel less guilty about relaxing and doing what is right for me. That is a nice change!

SR, Maryland

One thing you have shown me - and I feel blessed to have been shown this - is that "as long as I am happy" nothing else matters.

MG, EMDR therapist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Maryland

Time to change and heal. I'm really excited to have these new tools to help me in doing so.

V Taylor, Artist & Photographer,, VA

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