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Energy Tools, Support, Guidance ...

For Daily Life, Spiritual Path, Work, Family & Transitions

Get clarity on your strengths, challenges and next steps.

Private Sessions

Confidential personal sessions that support, guide, assist, grow your skills and clear unresourceful energies.

Madhu, is very gifted. She's very intuitive and loving, and sessions are empowering and enlightening. She's beyond amazing! - JP, Virginia 

Group Clearings 

Collective Clearings (called the Monthly Teleconference and Monthly Meetup) are done twice a month. Join the Meetup Group & be kept updated on the latest events - and receive reminders too! 

I find that these are not coping tools. They are change tools. I feel so much happier and present in my life now. - LR, Virginia

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Improve the depth and breadth of your tools. Strengthen your intuition.

Attunement Superstore

You are ENERGY! Learn Energy Tools to support your journey - anywhere in the world!

Empowerments available include:

*Powerful Broad-Based Attunements

e.g. Usui Reiki, Seichim, Lightarian, Karuna Ki etc.

* Focused Attunements for specific purposes e.g. Ascension Symptom Flush, Worry Flush, Disappointment Flush etc. 

You can download and use the attunements immediately on the receipt of the chi ball. For those wishing to teach, the Mastership attunements give you that ability. Mastership Attunements may have pre-requisites .

For more information click here.

Make a tangible difference - across time and space.

Tailor-made Classes

Come in-person or learn via teleconferences. Tailor-made classes include:

- Self Esteem

- Advanced Reiki

- Channeling

- Mudras (hand positions & energy flow)

- Mantras

- Sound Healing

- Light & Color Energy

- Crystal Work

Daily Energy Support

Going through challenges?


Expecting issues?

Lighten your burdens!

The Daily Energy Support Program sends you, your family or your friends energy once a day for the requested period of time.

Distance isn't much of a barrier when dealing with pure energy, is it? Very cool.

V Taylor, Artist & Photographer, Virginia

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